Learning Teaching Training Activities

Short Staff Training on how to Adopt and Deploy Continuous Student Identification in Online Learning Systems

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of April 2023, TRUSTID held the Learning Teaching Training Activities at the University of Cyprus. The purpose of this type of activity was joint learning and exchange between the participants. Small groups of staff members from all participating universities (University of Patras, University of Cyprus, University of Coimbra) participated. Cognitive UX also assisted the host with technical training and hands-on guides and workshops.

Main aim of the event was to bring together instructors, system and IT administrators, trainers and academic councils from the participating partners' countries (Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Portugal) to familiarize with the TRUSTID project and with the continuous student identification solution. The international training facilitated the participants' network, which acted as dissemination and promotion of the TRUSTID project at the local and national level

Target audiences that participated are: i) Academic councils, curriculum developers and/or policy makers that were informed about the suggested framework, the produced policies, security metrics and the developer toolkit; ii) Instructors that were informed on how to adopt techniques and methods for continuous student identity management; iii) System administrators that learned how to use the developed toolkit and the respective end-points of the Application Programming Interface for integrating the solution into their online learning systems.

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LTTA Presentations

Take a look at the three-day TRUSTID LTTA event organized by University of Cyprus