Welcome to TRUSTID

TRUSTID stands for "Intelligent and Continuous Online Student Identity Management for Improving Security and Trust in European Higher Education Institutions" and is part of the actions of Erasmus+ 2020 and in particular the Call "Strategic Partnerships in Response to the COVID-19 Situation: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness in the field of Higher Education (KA226)".

The project has been approved by the European Commission with a total funding of €291,310 and it's duration will span two years (June 2021 - May 2023). The project is coordinated by the University of Patras (Greece), with collaborating partners the University of Cyprus (Cyprus), the Institute of Systems and Robotics - University of Coimbra (Portugal) and Cognitive UX GmbH (Germany).

In TRUSTID, we envision to design, develop and evaluate a multi-tier continuous user identification framework, bootstrapped to Higher Education Institutions' (HEI) contexts that will consist of state-of-the-art intelligent image, voice and interaction data processing. The solution will embrace methods and tools that will be easy to integrate and modify by European HEIs through the provision of specific guidelines to system administrators and GNU open-source policies. The envisioned framework will address the needs of various HEIs stakeholders, such as, academic governance and administration, lecturers and curriculum developers, and national and international educational agencies, such as, national educational board and ministries of education. We also envision that this will be potentially of interest to educational technology providers and HEIs system administrators since the framework itself, along with the developed guides and best practices will provide evidence on how such a technology is used in modern practice.

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